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Resonant Rise

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We do not have an exact date on when it will be up.
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Who are we

Vos comminuet eam. Nos facies in ea.

Our Pack

We are known for our kitchen sink pack aka we have all sorts of mods. We currently have packs available for 1.6.4 (Resonant Rise 2) and 1.7.10 (Resonant Rise 3). We are also currently working on a 1.10.2 release of our (Resonant Rise 4) mod pack aswell a few other modpack projects. One of the current projects is in colloboration with the Sponge Developer team, nicknames Block 19. Which is for Sponge

Current Staff

  • Ryahn - Project Lead & Owner
  • mister_fix_it - Developer
  • Nero(GodNero) - Developer
  • macserv - Developer
  • Lanse - Developer
  • Chip - Operations Manager
  • kirindave - Original Creator & Advisor

Short Story

Resonant Rise was original created by kirindave (Dave) & Velotican (Velo). Velo was the maintainer up to the start of the development of Resonant Rise 3. Resonant Rise 3 was originally created & maintained by Ryahn. A few weeks after starting on it, GodNero (Nero) was recruited on. After about a month, Ryahn had to take a break due to work and Nero was the sole maintainer of the pack. Which at this point, Nero was not taught properly on how to update and how XML worked. Details on when mister_fix_it and Lanse joined, have been lost in the Void. Macserv was brought on at the beginning of Resonant Rise 4, as an addition hand and fellow friend to get advise from.

Details may not be exact and may be very vague. We will have a proper timeline posted once the new site is launched.

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What we're doing

Here you can see what we are working on for the website.

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Community Support

Please use Discord

As we are working on our website, we have put up a temporary means of support. The Discord will always be available, even after the site update.

The community support page, is temporary only. This is for those who are not able to use Discord or not get the help they needed. It may be slow at first using this, but our staff will be checking daily. So please, do not expect 10min, 20min, or 1 hour responses. We all have lives. So please be patient.

If you would like to help with the site, please contact Ryahn, mister_fix_it, or Nero/GodNero on Discord. We will get you on our teamspeak or slack to discuss details further.

Resonant Rise Team