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Posted by Velotican - Apr 22 2014 09:45 PM

Modders were busy over the weekend again. General bugfixes galore!


(Whether you can repair the old tools is unknown.)

Chisel [1.5.2]
CoFH Core []
Ex Nihilo [1.29b]
GrowthCraft [2.0.7]
Hardcore Ender Expansion [1.5a]
Logistics Pipes [0.7.4.dev.156]
Mad Science [1.00.154]
Refined Relocation [1.0.2]
Tinker's Construct []
Thermal Expansion []
TiC Tooltips [1.1.5]
Universal Electricity []
Waila [1.5.2a]


- Logistics Pipes is no longer recommended and is now optional; use it if you want it!

- Configs for Mekanism have been implemented in this release, but that update doesn't like Emasher's Mods so adding it to RR has been delayed until we get a fix for this
- Tinker's Construct now supports weapon-specific modifiers! This, unfortunately, screwed up existing weapons...
- The issues with Thaumcraft trees and Ex Nihilo should now be cleared up
- The rest of the pack has now caught up, so we can update TE3 and CoFH again!

- Updated to fix an issue with Logistic Pipes and Buildcraft interaction this time

Posted by Velotican - Apr 20 2014 04:25 PM

This is a bugfix patch. None of these fixes were available when was released, but modders act fast!

Big Reactors [0.3.2A]
Charlotte's Utilities [0.3.1]
CoFH Core []
JABBA [1.1.3]
Logistics Pipes [0.7.4.dev.151]
Mad Science [1.00.150]
Thaumic Tinkerer [2.3-140]
Thermal Expansion []

- Tons of internal mod fixes for the most common bug reports from!
- Fixed CC 1.6 support with Big Reactors
- We're now using the reuploaded, not-busted version of CC 1.63!
- Another blocker to Kami research has been removed
- Thermal Expansion updated after a long break with fixes!

Posted by Velotican - Apr 18 2014 02:45 AM

Welcome to 2.8! If you're joining us from 2.7, your world will make the jump fully intact, barring content from any mods we've removed in 2.8.

Atomic Science

== NEW MODS ==
Charlotte's Utilities [0.3.0]
EiraIRC [1.6.2]
Ex Aliquo [0.10.5]
Ex Nihilo [1.28]
FinndusFillies []
Galacticraft []
Ore Dictionary Converter [1.4.3]
MineTweaker [3.2.1]
Refined Relocation [1.0.1]
Simply Jetpacks [0.1.1]
Soul Shards Reborn [0.8c]
Technomancy [0.3.2]
TicTooltips [1.1.4]

Advanced Thaumaturgy [0.0.28]
Backpacks [1.28.37]
BDLib []
Big Reactors [0.3.1A]
Blood Magic [1.0.1b]
Calclavia Core []
Carpenter's Blocks [2.0.8]
Chisel (Asie Branch) [1.5.1]
ComputerCraft [1.63]
DartCraft [0.2.18]
Dimensional Anchors [57.1.96]
Enchiridion [1.1]
EnderIO []
Extra Cells [1.6.8f]
ExtraTiC [0.8.0]
Forbidden Magic [0.333]
GrowthCraft [2.0.6]
Gendustry []
Hardcore Ender Expansion [1.5]
Immibis Core [57.2.0]
Immibis Peripherals [57.1.0]
JABBA [1.1.2c]
Logistics Pipes [0.7.4.dev.140]
Mad Science [1.00.141]
Mariculture [1.2.1e]
Mekanism []
MineFactory Realoded [2.7.8-482]
Mobius Core [1.2.0]
Modular Forcefield System []
Modular Powersuits [0.10.0-100]
Numina [0.1.2-57]
OpenBlocks [1.2.7-snap-364]
OpenComponents []
OpenComputers []
OpenModsLib [0.4-snap-184]
OpenPeripheralAddons [0.1.3-snap-95]
OpenPeripheralCore [0.3.3-snap-118]
Opis [1.2.1]
Plugins for Forestry [3.2.30-hotfix]
Project: Red []
Simple Recycling [57.2.0]
Sync [2.2.1]
Tinker's Construct [1.5.4]
Tinker's Mechworks [0.1.6]
Thaumic Tinkerer [2.3-139]
Universal Electricity []
Waila [1.5.2]
Witchery [0.17.2]

- Silicion from Galacticraft now generates; there is no retrogen (sorry!)
- Oregen Game Modes have been implemented! Choose from Plentiful, Scarce and Painful
- A few excessively generous tweaks in ExN/ExA have been disabled
- Enabled the mini-smeltery feature in ExA
- Slime islands now only spawn in the Overworld
- The Mariculture Vat has been given a new custom recipe to stop it blocking a key Galacticraft component
- Crafting recipes for the Steel Bricks and Bronze Bricks have been restored now they no longer conflict with anything
- Microblock support for Underground Biomes now works (thanks vitzli!)
- EiraIRC has split configs for clients and servers
- Antimatter has been removed from the Better Dungeons loot table
- Ars Magica Affinity tomes have been added to the BD2 loot table
- Ex Aliquo's TiCo support is enabled
- Statues' Hammers have a new recipe to avoid conflicts with Ex Nihilo
- Aliquo research is blacklisted by Thaumic Tinkerer internally, meaning it is no longer required to be completed before starting Kami research
- Custom crafting tables from Random Things disabled, unbreaking multiple recipes
- Bronze and Steel Paxels can now be crafted with Metallurgy-style tools as well as Mekanism's
- Held item tooltips from Vanilla reactivated

- Advanced Genetics is now optional as some server populations can't handle the mod being present
- Magical Crops is now optional because it's controversial in general
- Ex Nihilo is optional
- Ex Aliquo is optional (note it requires Ex Nihilo to work)
- RC Dusts is now correctly optional and dependent on Railcraft
- TabbyChat was removed as it is not compatible with EiraIRC and is also redundant
- MFFS is now optional and not on the recommended mods list
- Calclavia Core is now optional as no required mods use it anymore
- Only Plentiful Oregen and Fun Power modes are now "recommended" in the launcher; these are the pack defaults
- A very strange and complex bug causing conduits to break spontaneously should no longer occur thanks to the Mechworks update
- Preliminary HQM support that won't be ready for 2.8's initial release is in
- ComputerCraft 1.6 made it just in time, but...

- ...to pull that off we have to use the dev versions of OpenMods so some weirdness should be expected
- Better Dungeons' chests can sometimes crash you (or your server) if they're supposed to contain content that no longer exists in the latest version of the pack
- Not all the mods we use support CC 1.6 yet, so some features may not work as intended
- Ex Nihilo's silkworms don't seem to cope very well with Thaumcraft trees
- You will need to delete your options.txt file in order to recreate it and get the fix for held item tooltips, which will reset your Minecraft settings - or you can just manually change the setting to true yourself

Posted by Velotican - Mar 27 2014 08:00 PM

This update contains the long-awaited solution to the power generation issue and some other upgrades whilst we were at it!

Not Enough Codecs [0.1]

AutoUtils [1.0.1a]
Blood Magic [1.0.0a]
Carpenter's Blocks [2.0.7]
Chisel []
Chocolate Quest [2.091]
Enhanced Portals [3.0.0.b5e]
Liquid XP [57.1.2]
Logistics Pipes [0.7.4.dev.118]
Project: Red []
Steve's Factory Manager [A83]
Twilight Forest [1.20.5]

- You can now choose between two power generation settings when installing the pack: "Fair" or "Fun" - if you were happy with power as it was in older versions, pick Fun, otherwise try Fair; make sure to pick one!
- Fair resets Big Reactors to defaults and adjusts Atomic Science to compensate
- Fun keeps the raw performance as it used to be, but now Big Reactors systems are more expensive to build and maintain
- Chisel no longer overrides vanilla Ice, fixing some bugs not relevant to this release...

- Atomic Science is now optional
- Big Reactors is now optional
- Railcraft is now optional
- (Note all of the above generate and use Steam...)
- Blood Magic's new spell system is available!
- Enhanced Portals updated to fix annoying disconnect issues
- Logistics Pipes can now route items through TE3 conduits, but this feature is disabled by default in this release as it is untested
- Project: Red should no longer spam your CPU and lag you into oblivion in certain situations
- OpenBlocks' radios now function thanks to the addition of Not Enough Codecs, assuming you chose to install that mod

- Blood Magic's Spell system should now work

Posted by Velotican - Mar 27 2014 12:40 AM

If your server uses MCPC+, update to B251 immediately.

Mojang made a change to their login servers this evening which caused Spigot to malfunction, also breaking MCPC (as it's Forge running on Spigot) in the process.

If your server has randomly started crashing all of a sudden this evening, now you know why. The version of MCPC+ supplied with our modpacks will be updated ASAP, and I'm in the middle of doing this right now, so by the time you read this re-downloading the server pack should get you the corrected MCPC+ build.

Or, you can download the corrected build of MCPC+ directly here: http://ci.md-5.net/j...C-Plus-164/251/

Posted by Cozza - Mar 23 2014 12:07 PM

Hi Guys!

Welcome to the new, revamped Resonant Rise forums :)

I've been tasked to overhaul this place and we have just passed step 1. New skin, new layout, new structure, new home page.

I won't give away all the gritty details but here are the biggest new features which you may love or hate:

Background Image Selector

You can select your own personal forum background by clicking on the paintbrush in the top right hand corner. There is currently 4 place holder images that will be updated soon.

Posted Image

Custom Profile Background

This was in the last skin but it wasn't very appealing. You can now upload your own personal profile image :)

Posted Image

New Mobile Skin

Posted Image

There's a few other goodies hidden around. Make sure to check out the new Introductions and Forum Games topics.

If you have any issues or concerns, please contact me either via the forums or the ResonantRise IRC.

Posted by Trunks9809 - Mar 20 2014 08:01 PM

Welcome to Resonant Rise!

Todays update features many mod updates, and a few critical fixes!

Due to differences in opinion, we no longer support Journeymap. Sorry about that. Please take this opportunity to explore the other minimap and cartography options available to you if this was your previously preferred option.

* Backpacks [1.27.34]
* Carpenter's Blocks [2.0.6]
* EnderIO []
* Extra Utilities [1.0.3c]
* Forbidden Magic [pr0.32]
* Hardcore Ender Expansion [1.4.3a]
* JABBA [1.1.2a]
* MineFactory Reloaded [2.7.6-448]
* Nether Ores [2.2.2-55]
* OpenBlocks [1.2.7]
* OpenModsLib [0.4b]
* OpenPeripheralAddons [0.1.3]
* OpenPeripheralCore [0.3.3]
* Twilight Forest [1.20.4]
* Witchery [0.16.3]

* JourneyMap

* Standard Crops Sugar Cane Seed ID (Conflict with Standard Crops Produce)
* Standard Crops Produce Seed ID (Conflict with Standard Crops Magical Food)
* Hardcore Ender Expansion Achievement IDs (Conflict with Twilight Forest)
* Thaumic Goggles module re-enabled in powersuits.cfg (Yay!)
* Nether Ores now have mining levels roughly equivalent to one tier higher than the base material

* New Nether Ores: Saltpeter, Sulfur, Rutile and Amber

Posted by Trunks9809 - Mar 14 2014 06:28 PM

Fixing a few bugs causing crashes.

ChocolateQuest [2.09]
ThaumicTinkerer [2.3-137]

- Fixed Mekanism box black list causing crashes when joining some servers